We Are Seeking New Studio Members!

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We are Growing our village…

West End Village Studio is currently seeking 2-4 new teachers, practitioners, wellness and creative professions to join our collective of small business members. In December we said goodbye to Sara Magic, LLC as Sara headed off to Hawaii, and in June we will say goodbye to Jackie and the Wren’s Nest as she prepares to launch Ritual Art of Wellness in Cape Elizabeth. We wish them both the best in their endeavors!

While these two branch out beyond the walls of our studio, we are branching out here at 251 Danforth Street and opening up new membership options!

Full Time Membership

Cost: $100 per month
As a full time member you will have exclusive access to the studio space for approximately 6 hours per week for hosting classes, private sessions, group meetings, workshops and special events! Membership also includes the ability to reach a wider audience with our growing community of individuals and families through our studio newsletters, social media, and open house events.

NEW TO MEMBERSHIP is an exciting new opportunity to network with other like-minded small business professionals though access to our Studio Co-Working Network! Full Time Members will automatically gain membership to our Co-Working Network which will not only offer regular weekly office hours and the chance to work alongside others, but also will include access to a series of new events designed to help your small business grow through monthly or bi-monthly meetings with local professionals.

Co-Working Membership

Cost: $35 per month
Membership to our new Co-Working Network (included in Full Time Studio Membership) offers access to our studio for open office hours from 12pm - 4pm every Friday to get some work done, network with like-minded professionals, collaborate with peers, have space to move around and test out new routines, set-ups, class ideas, and more. This new membership is designed to create a space for wellness and creative professionals to connect, collaborate, share resources, and share space in a non-traditional “office” co-working space for those whom a desk might not be the ideal work space, though we have one of those too!

In addition to shared use of the studio during Co-Working hours, this membership option also includes access to our regular networking events, talks and meet-ups with local professionals to help support all of our growing small businesses, like marketing support, tax recommendations, flyer design, etc. Members are also invited to connect with our wider audience through our newsletter, social media accounts, and open house events and more!


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